Drawing Tip #1- When drawing mouths, don’t draw individual teeth

Anyone can draw, you just have to practice and have some easy tricks you can rely on. These tricks will  help you draw on napkins to impress your date, better illustrate passive aggressive notes you leave for your room mate on the fridge or to quickly and easily make laugh out loud sharpie graffiti in bathroom stalls.  These tips won’t really help you to draw realistically.  You’ll have to go to school for that.

IMG_0765As this image shows, when each tooth is drawn the mouth looks like Steve Buscemi if he were a vampire.




IMG_0766Instead, start by drawing a curved line in place of the teeth and then fill in little triangles to suggest where each tooth is with out drawing the complete tooth.




IMG_0767When drawing a face, it’s even more apparent why you should not draw individual teeth.  I was so distracted by the teeth I just drew that I made the rest of her head and hair look large and crazy!

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